Beginning in January 2018 and extending through mid-year 2018, Caterpillar will be transitioning the branding of Cat® Classic parts to Yellowmark™, A Caterpillar Brand, as well as offering new parts under the Yellowmark brand. Announced in November 2017, Yellowmark is our new line of lower-cost aftermarket parts developed by Caterpillar to fit small and medium-sized Cat construction equipment. All current Cat Classic parts are being rebranded as Yellowmark.

First Yellowmark Parts Offering: Motor Grader Cutting Edges
Motor Grader cutting edges will be available under the Yellowmark brand on 1 January 2018 with 35 part numbers. These cutting edges will go through a rebranding transition. Expect that starting in January 2018, MG cutting edges may come with pull tags branded Cat, Yellowmark or even non-branded through the full transition to Yellowmark identifiers. The transition is expected to last until mid-year 2018, depending on how fast existing inventory is sold.

SIS Information
The rebranding of Cat Classic parts to Yellowmark will begin in SIS Web on 20 January 2018 and continue through June 2018. This will be a gradual transition over the first six months of 2018. Information being updated in SIS will include all references in the title blocks, links, etc., reflecting changes from Cat Classic to Yellowmark. Part names with the descriptor of “CL” or “CLA” for Classic will change to “YM” for Yellowmark.

For those using SIS web on DVD, expect to see Yellowmark referenced as Classic on headers and in cross-reference tables. Part names with the descriptor of “CL” or “CLA” for Classic will change to “YM” for Yellowmark, and these
changes will be reflected in updated DVDs as those changes become available.

Parts Distribution Systems Information
As with SIS, the rebranding of Cat Classic to Yellowmark parts information for ANTARES and NPR will be a gradual transition over a few months.  For ANTARES, expect the “YM” descriptor to start showing in January 2018 with the full transition from “CL” and “CLA” expected to be complete in June 2018.  For NPR, there will be a gradual transition from Classic to Yellowmark from January through April 2018.

For more information about Yellowmark, go to https://dealer.cat.com/yellowmark.

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